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Nora Lina is a registered trademark ®

Become a retailer of our Nora Lina “Purest” ® skin, hair, body care. We offer up to 50% off retail prices and low minimum quantity orders.

Nora Lina products are available for wholesale to health & beauty stores, beauty retailers, wellness and yoga studio, tattoo shops, and professional hair salons.

We are also looking for exclusive distributors to offer our Nora Lina “Purest” ® line.

Our commitment:
We are committed to creating beauty products. Draw upon natural, ethically sourced ingredients, formulated following trusted Moroccan beauty secrets, handed down from generation to generation, and manufactured in small-batch quantities by local suppliers.
We strive to ensure that our products are organic, free of artificial fragrances, colors, SLS, or parabens. Transparency, environmental awareness, and ethics sit at the heart of everything we stand for.

Brand awareness:
Nora Lina has acquired a significant following in Europe, the United States, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, and China, with influential artists and celebrities praising the Nora Lina skincare range.
With a steadily growing customer base of stylish cosmetics and skincare enthusiasts, since launching in 2008.
Nora Lina’s passion for ancient Moroccan beauty secrets is with a desire to instill confidence in all women through their inner and outer beauty. Nora Lina means ‘light & tenderness’ in Arabic, and we would like every woman to see the light and feel the tenderness. Empowering them with confidence through collaboration with our brand.

The Nora Lina partnership:
We are firm believers in building collaborative relationships. We offer our partners luxurious, high-quality products that enhance your customer’s experience, drawing upon ancient Moroccan beauty secrets and regimes.
We support you with a committed relationship, personalized and bespoke training worldwide, along with customized marketing and merchandising support.

Nora Lina is a registered trademark ®
European union intellectual property office (EUIPO)
Certificate of registration number 017948683

Jamal & Priscilla
Owners Nora Lina